This project was started 5 years ago. It has been very slow progress due to lots of different factors – but mainly due to the research being carried out by just one person. In 2018 the plan is to re-vive the history society once again. If you have any ideas or items etc. that you would like to share please email.

 Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service History Society is a personal project researching Shropshire’s Fire Service’s History. Please click on the ‘about’ tab for more information.

We are now apart of the Fire Heritage Network UK


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jan Hopkisson says:

    I have some items relating to my Dad’s service in whitchurch from 1937 to 1955 if you are interested

  2. Angela Drake (Ms) says:

    Hi, I’m Angela Drake my late father was W.M.H. Drake and he was C.F.O. of Shropshire from 1948 to 1960. I did donate, via a third person, a photo which you exhibit + some other memorabilia. (I think the date of the photo is probably early 1950s rather than 1948) My mother wasn’t in perfect health so when I wasn’t at school I was invariably with my father. I’m wondering if some of your photos relate to the Iron Bridge mental works disaster? I can remember to this day how a fire at Shelton Hospital in the early 1950s affected my father, he never got over the fact there was a second fire there in February 1968. I would be happy to assist with the compilation of the history from my few childhood memories.

  3. Peter Dunhill says:

    Hello – I am helping create a local walks book with the Whitchurch Walkers. One of our walks goes past the former Whitchurch fire station, now a dentists I think. Do you have any ‘thumbnail’ info about the fire station including any big fires put out. Might we be able to use one of the pictures on your Flikr website? Do you have others?
    With best wishes
    Peter Dunhill

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